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Financial | Microsoft and the Financial service industry: A year in review and 2022 trends ahead



Dear Microsoft Community,


2021 has been an incredible year of change for the financial services industry. We saw organizations across financial services accelerate digital innovation at a record pace. This has also been an important year for us here at Microsoft. We launched Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services and made significant advancements with the industry’s leading SIs and ISVs, as we doubled down on our long-standing commitment to provide a depth and breadth of specialized support for the financial services industry and help our customers succeed in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.


Bill Borden Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft shares some of the breakthrough momentum in key areas of transformation this past year and looks at what's ahead in 2022. He discusses: 

  • Modernizing core platforms 
  • Delivering differentiated customer experiences 
  • Empowering employees through teamwork
  • Managing risk and cybersecurity 
  • Enabling a green financial services industry 
  • A launchpad for innovation and growth 
  • Looking to the future


Read the full blog post here: Microsoft and the financial services industry: A year in review and 2022 trends ahead - Microsoft Industry Blogs