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Inclusion and Diversity Highlight


Diversity and Inclusion at Inspire - great success!

I am absolutely thrilled to see the great progress in our ecosystem!

Yes, we got a long way to go but inch by inch we're making things better!


I think that the energy at the Women in Tech Luncheon at Inspire has been a great way to measure the impact! Year after year this event is becoming larger, better and more important - it's not a coincidence that Microsoft's senior leadership makes this a priority!


I would also like to mention the booths in the exhibition hall that served as a natural go-to for discussing diversity!


In my mind diversity is great for business and we as society benefits!


Regards, Per 


BTW - here's an article that I wrote a while ago on the importance of driving diversity - https://rcpmag.com/Blogs/Guest-Blog/2018/07/Driving-Partner-Diversity.aspx




Here's a piece that I wrote in February where I highlight that we now see much more discussions about Diversity and how this is driven by so many great groups and people!