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Disappeared MPN Location ID

Can someone from Microsoft please help us?

We have created several support tickets via Partner Center for more than 60 days but so far no one has been able to help us.


Since January 15, 2022, one of our Location IDs has been removed from our V-Org for unknown reasons. This has currently a very big impact that we could not order or customize licenses indirectly via CSP Tier 2. Thanks to our provider we were able to order and adjust licenses.


The CSP Tier 1 Direct, was quickly switched to another MPN Location ID, so that we can order licenses and customize seats here.


The problem goes much further:
All our Co-Ops, Incentives, CPOR (over 120 entries) are attached to this MPN ID. Since the beginning of January 2022 we do not receive any incentive payments from Microsoft!


We as partners currently feel very alone and helpless. Nobody can tell us what happened, let alone when we will get help.


Therefore, please help of any kind.


Here are all the ticket numbers that have been created since January:
2MPN Case ID: 201190040002053 - Active and has probably the largest ticket history.

Case 5-00008290718 has been opened for your request. CRM:0108110001401
Case 5-0000008216148 has been opened for your request. CRM:0089240036583
MPN Case ID: 2201190040004553
TrackingID: 2110280040001721
Incentives Case ID (closed as it is a bigger problem): 5-00008102770
TrackingID: 2201260040005169