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ISV success stories

Looking for faster ways to innovate, build, market, and sell your software solutions? Find out how Microsoft can help you, together with local ISV specialist partners, to become a success story like Agro energy, Connective and many others!


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One centralized digital signature solution delivers worldwide legal coverage. Connective can help any organization to do business any place, anywhere and anytime – transforming paper-based customer journeys into digital user experiences. See how Connective’s eSignatures app uses Microsoft Power Automate to flawlessly integrate with any business tool. Read more...

AgroEnergy optimizes greenhouse energy management with Azure. AgroEnergy, an Eneco subsidiary, is using fully automated ‘Optimal Bidding’ powered by Azure to ensure it always gets the best deal on the energy market for its commercial greenhouse customers. This has significantly grown its reputation as a data-driven, sustainable energy service provider for the horticulture sector. Read more...

Swiss company dacadoo opens the digital door to a healthier future. The success of dacadoo’s award-winning ‘Health Score’ app and the development of subsequent solutions, meant that the Swiss company needed to scale up to accommodate a vast number of new users. Moving to Microsoft Azure made that possible, while ensuring the security of client health data. Read more...


Create machine learning models with our managed AI platform. Navio is a platform for managing and performing various machine learning operations across an organization's entire AI landscape. From training statistical models from the data in your spreadsheets to speeding up productionization of your custom models by effortlessly spinning up deployments and providing REST endpoints for prediction. Read more...