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Take flight with Cherimoya gearshift



With Cherimoya’s unique PNR Optimization (gearshift), clients can find the best possible fares and create savings when they fly. Whether you are an online travel agency, travel management company or traditional travel agency, Cherimoya's First Gear solution will increase your monthly revenue without the need to install any software since it is all running on the powerful cloud-solution provided by Microsoft Azure. 


Cherimoya's solution is operated with a unique algorithm to find better fares amidst hundreds of fare combinations and complex airline rule structures, and all this without modifying the client's booked itinerary. The proprietary technology works on all major Global Distribution Systems such as Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus and is the only solution in the world that steers clear of the dreaded ADMs (Agency Debit Memos) issues by airlines for incorrect bookings and fares calculations. 


Cherimoya's unique fare-optimization process includes: 


First Gear - Ticket Optimization: This is a PNR optimization service, which sits between post booking and pre-ticketingIt is an online service, which means: no transfer of ownership, no installation at your side, no backend changes on your side and Cherimoya will be a step in between your current PNR flow. It is introduced as a "no cure no pay" service if you are a Leisure Online Travel Agency or as a "pay per handled PNR" service if you are a Business oriented Online Travel Agency. 


Second Gear - Ticket and Document Production: This is the ticketing engine. Next to issuing tickets, the engine will help you to customize the communication to your clients. You can send customized emails to your clients, customized per airline, per airport or per destination. 


Fourth Gear - GDS Queue Manager: This is a schedule manager which automatically handles any schema changes that may arise. 


Sixth Gear - PNR Canceller -  This can void your tickets and it will cancel option bookings, so you can avoid receiving ADMs. 


Seventh Gear - Internet Booking Engine – This will enable your customers to make online bookings on your site. The user will be able to consult and book fares, availability, fare rules and the itineraries. 


For more details, please contact the sales department at: sales@cherimoya.be or contact Robby Boey at robby@cherimoya.be 


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