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Place Strategic Offers with Discount Ninja



Discount Ninja allows e-Commerce businesses to place strategic discounts and offers to its customers when the time is right. This is offered at a strategic stage of the buying process to ensure the customer follows through with their online purchase. The Discount Ninja app, which is currently available only for Shopify users, helps businesses to increase their conversion rate, boost sales and increase revenue by configuring promotions to discount the products on their e-Commerce site.


 With Discount Ninja, you can now give a boost to your promotions with ease. Experiment with Automatic Discounts, BOGO & Free Gifts, Sitewide or Collection Sales and much more.


Discount Ninja achieves their seamless customer experience by using Azure to build their app service which is available to customers on Shopify here: https://apps.shopify.com/discount-url


What can Discount Ninja do for your customers?


  • Configure special offers: Experiment at will with special deals based on smart rules. Offer promotions, coupons, and discounts based on behavior, cart value or cart content.


  • Activate multiple automatic rules: Set up multiple automatic promotions that can apply to the same cart. Define site-wide, collection or vendor specific promotions that auto-apply at checkout and reduce shopper complexity.


  • Redeem promotion codes on the cart: With the configurable custom field on the cart, customers can manually add one or more coupons you have shared with them via email, social media, SMS, messenger, or ads.


  • Customize: Choose from our growing collection of popups, notifications, and sticky bar templates. Tweak them to match your brand’s identity. Add countdown timers, icons, and animations to increase urgency and catch your prospect’s attention.



For more details, please contact Bart Coppens at bart@discountninja.io


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