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In times like these, culture has never been as relevant. Do you think your employees are engaged? “Gallup research* has shown that - although job satisfaction ranks high - 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged”. 

Engaged- ; not engaged-; and actively disengaged employees are the three types you can observe. The engaged ones can help you improve the productivity of your company.


The question is how to get there? 

Herculean, with more than 20 years of experience, has made its mission to improve your employees’ engagement. They are doing so by building an ecosystem of employee engagement specialists in 4 domains: Aura, Fabrica, Machina, and Arena. 


The SaaS platform you need

Machina is a SaaS platform that helps organizations measure and improve employee engagement through surveys, dashboards, events, content, challenges, wearables, and their shop. The platform is also used by the participants of the Employee Engagement Awards. Machina allows you to gain access to insight into the state of mind of your employees. More than 12 parameters will help you determine the engagement of your employees. This SaaS solution is the perfect start to your new engagement process. 


The combination with the Microsoft ecosystem

This ecosystem of employee engagement experts and formats is powered by the Azure platform. With PowerBI, you can interpret insightful data and improve employee engagement via the several dimensions of commitment on one single platform. 


The reason to act now

The purpose and vision of your company will resonate within them and help everyone within the organization to achieve together better results. The retention and the commitment will thrive. The more engaged they are the more the conversation will be open which will drive further the engagement. Finally, your employees will become proactive: you create intrapreneurs, valuable people in our fast-paced world. 



Jaguar-Land RoverACWA Powerthe province of Flemish Brabant, and many more have trusted their service. Click on the links to see their testimonies. 

The three essential tasks of an employer are to facilitate, inform, and continuously inspire employees. Do you thrive in all three? Engagement is a shared responsibility…





Find out more info on their AppSource page or their website! 


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