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ISV SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Hans Verbeeck discusses Cloud Technologies & its benefits

We are conducting a series of interviews with the goal of humanizing technology and showcasing to ISVs the major possibilities and opportunities Microsoft Technology has to offer them.


Continuing with our series of interviews with the champs in our sub, today we will speak to Hans Verbeeck, a Partner Technology Strategist in Belgium.




Who are you and what do you do in Microsoft? 

My name is Hans Verbeeck and I am a Partner Technology Strategist working with a number of system integrators in Belgium. As a Partner Technology Strategist , I work on multiple different aspects. Firstly, we make sure our Partners understand where our cloud technologies are going, how they work and we ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to adopt these technologies. This includes training, workshops, roadmap sessions and many other sessions like these. From here our Partners build solutions based on these technologies that they go to market with.


You spoke about Cloud Technologies - what exactly are these technologies?

It is actually quite a wide range of Cloud technologies. In my role I am focused on all the clouds so it ranges from Azure to Microsoft 365 to Dynamics 365 all the way to Power Platform. The solutions can come from any one of these cloud technologies, it really depends on what the Partner wants to focus on. 


Why should Partners/ ISVs invest in these Cloud Technologies?

ISVs ultimately just want to build value for their customers. This can be achieved through investing in Cloud Technologies - this is because the cloud provider takes care of the infrastructure. This allows you and your development team, product owners and product management team to entirely focus on what needs to be built on top of that platform that will add immediate value to the customers.


Another reason Partners and ISVs should invest in these Cloud Technologies would be the concern for security. ISVs that are not specialized in security will find themselves investing huge amounts of money to protect themselves from all kinds of threats that are out there, with these Cloud Solutions they can ensure security has already been looked after. This will ultimately save ISVs large amounts of money.


Do you have any examples of a customer success story using one of these Cloud Solutions?

Yes - Kortrijk is a smart city in Belgium that used technology to access pedestrian counts to promote safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. For a city, knowing the number of people on the streets in relation to a venues’ capacity is an important element to consider when looking for innovative ways to make the municipalities safer.  


Beyond the pandemic, learning how people move in a particular area can have a great impact on a city’s activities, so having the right tools to access this data can lead to smoother operations and better engagement.


This was achieved by leveraging Azure percept. Azure Percept is a comprehensive end-to-end edge AI platform with pre-built models and solution management, as well as Zero Trust security measures, to safeguard models and data. It offers the capabilities to start a proof of concept in minutes with hardware accelerators designed to integrate seamlessly with Azure AI and Azure IoT services.


With this, Microsoft partnered with Proximus, which is the leading telecom provider in Belgium, to develop an innovative, proof of concept solution that leverages Proximus’s cellular network to address the live-count limitations the city had encountered with previous technologies. The strategy was to set-up a test system which included:

  • Video analysis for pedestrian count
  • Video analysis with 3D cameras
  • Point cloud analysis relying on millimeter wave radars
  • Sound analysis based on sound sensors powered by AI

Read more here.


How exactly can Microsoft help? 

Whether you’re a software or app builder, SaaS company or ISV, as a Microsoft Technology Partner you can develop your business, improve profitability and accelerate sales. The Microsoft ISV Partner Path is a simple 6 step journey for technology partners to accelerate the partnership with Microsoft and promote your solutions to customers via our co-sell program.  


We also organize monthly calls for new ISVs to come to ask their questions to our local team. We cover topics such as the marketplace, the co-selling opportunities etc, that I mentioned earlier. This is also the force of Microsoft Belux: we have a local team with a global GTM and resource reach.  


If you would like to discuss growing with Microsoft further, please email kenny.vanbeeck@microsoft.com