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How to build a winning SaaS Business model for ISV's



How to create a winning value proposition?

Successful companies create value propositions that sell, embedded in business models that work. Remarkable companies do so continuously.
In this session, we will zoom in on how SaaS companies are creating value for customers and ultimately enables an organization to capture value – and continues to do so.

PART 1 > Value Proposition Canvas for SaaS Business: Introduction

PART 2 > Value Proposition Canvas for SaaS Business: Examples 

PART 3 > Value Proposition Canvas for SaaS Business: Shifting Biz model

PART 4 > Value Proposition Canvas for SaaS Business: Common Pitfalls


What would be your best SaaS pricing?

Getting pricing right is crucial for the success of your SaaS business. Poor pricing will result in expensive sales, unhappy customers, and higher churn rates.

  • Good pricing will affect everything - from the top line to the bottom.
  • Create packaging that makes customers 'get' your product
  • Design pricing models that work
  • Top 5 tricks to add +1 to CLTV/CAC ratio

PART 1 > SaaS Pricing Part 1 - Price discrimination problem 

PART 2 > Pricing part 2 : Packaging

PART 3 > SaaS Pricing - Part 3: Price model design


How Microsoft sees Customer Success

  • Transformation – maturing our consumption business
  • The importance of customers' adoption of technology in a saas world – to prevent churn
  • The role of customer success in a SaaS organization
  • Microsoft's best practice approach to customer success management
  • Our role as a partner to our customers.



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