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Gaps in traditional solutions? Here's Nulia!

Nulia addresses the gaps in traditional solutions through Digital Enablement – getting users using Teams & ALL of Microsoft 365. 


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Their first of its kind solution, Nulia Works, is platform-based and provides a brand-new way to drive digital skills development in Microsoft 365 through a continuous user-focused system of real usage measurement, personalized guidance, and rewarding engagement. These differences unlock the value of organizations’ Microsoft 365 investments, all by driving skills development and behavioral change in the flow of work.  


With the newest addition to Nulia Works, users can continue developing Microsoft 365 skills with the Nulia Works for Teams app, meeting them right where they are – working in Teams. This exciting app is included with Nulia Works Complete licenses.  


Nulia Works guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing, enabling users to continuously attain, maintain, and use digital productivity skills. By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, Nulia Works personalizes skills development and meets organizations where they are, with what they need, driving usage of Microsoft 365 features and functions across a wide range of roles, departments, industries, and applications.  


Nulia Works provides actionable Insights based on the measurement and evaluation of users’ real behavior while working in Microsoft 365. Nulia Works Insights show how the customer organization is progressing towards their digital skills development goals, and enables the customer to take action to ensure that employees are continually challenged, and attaining & maintaining new digital skills. 


Nulia Works equips organizations with the digital skills they need to realize the potential and unlock the value of Microsoft 365. 


Winning cases 

At the following links you can find some interesting winning cases! Check them out! 


Safety supply distributor: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Atbt_Eo-ZiAXgft1-7Ay6ecatkqaIA?e=NIf4ld  

Global Adoption and Change Management company: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Atbt_Eo-ZiAXgft0vyn3pkEpVukMPw?e=EDh5ud 


Find out more info on their AppSource page or on their website! 

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In case you would like to enter directly in contact with them: 

Email: sales@nulia.com 


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