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5 reasons ISV Studio gives partners a clear picture




We launched ISV Studio in April 2021 to help give you a clear picture of the ways customers are interacting with your published AppSource solutions. How many are installing your app? How many active users do you have? This is the tip of the iceberg of the insights you can access. Once you have an app published in AppSource, here are 5 key reasons to use ISV Studio to maintain focus on the business behind the app. 


1. Prioritize development

ISV Studio enables you to see which features in your app are being used the most and which are not as impactful. Now you can prioritize your resources according to usage so you’re spending time and energy on the features most important to your customers.  


2. Connect marketing activities
With ISV Studio, you can view usage trends by month, by week, or by day. You can filter customer lists by geographical area (geo), tenant, component type or name, package, or solution. This helps you better understand the performance of your marketing activities, such as paid advertising and search.

3. Proactive support

With the ability to see detailed logs of any installation failures that customers encounter when they’re trying to install your app, you’re better prepared to make improvements and troubleshoot issues as they come up. 


4. Faster time to market

ISV Studio can help you focus on your solution and leave the infrastructure to us. You can create and scale seamlessly with a tool built to support use and deliver helpful insights.


5. Predict eligibility

Unlock the benefits of the Business Applications ISV Connect program. Through usage and patterns, ISV Studio can help forecast business performance which can then be used to determine whether you will meet certain thresholds that unlock ISV Connect benefits.


Now what?

Ready to take performance tracking to the next level? Visit ISV Studio to get started. 

If you don’t already have a published app or are not an ISV Connect Partner, now is a great time to learn more. You can find more information about the benefits of ISV Connect here or join ISV Connect here. If you’re ready to publish an app in AppSource, start here.


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