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Update on publishing process for CoSell ready solution status and Azure IP Incentive Eligibility.

In our engagements with ISV partners, we often focus on getting the partner's IP solutions ready for CoSelling with Microsoft. This will lead to the partner's solution getting validated and approved as "CoSell Ready".


When you choose to Co-sell an offer as a partner, you can work directly with Microsoft sales teams and other Microsoft partners on joint selling opportunities. This unlocks benefits when selling through the commercial marketplace online stores: Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. Co-selling opportunities are the result of acting on a lead, collaborating on it with Microsoft sales teams or Microsoft partners to provide a solution for a specific customer need.




These solutions (also called offers) can include software built with your intellectual property (IP) and services that support Microsoft technologies.


In addition to the CoSell Ready status, ISV Partners can achieve "Azure IP CoSell Incentive Eligibility" and this is when the Microsoft sellers will be compensated for assisting in a CoSell sales cycle and this to be closed as a won deal.


Azure IP Co-sell incentive status can be applied to these offer types:

  • Azure Application
  • Azure Container
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • IoT Edge module
  • Software as a service (SaaS)


The requirements for “Azure IP CoSell Incentive Eligibility" are described in an updated article but to summarize:


After achieving Co-sell ready status, there are three additional requirements to achieve Azure IP Co-sell incentive status:

Requirement 1- achieve the following:

  • At the organization level, generate at least $100,000 USD of Azure Consumed Revenue threshold over the trailing 12-month period. This can be obtained through a combination of Azure solutions. If the offer is transactable in the commercial marketplace, you can meet this requirement by meeting a billed revenue threshold of $100,000 USD over the trailing 12-month period.

Requirement 2 - Pass the Microsoft technical validation for an Azure-based solution:

  • The technical validation must confirm that more than 50% of your offer’s infrastructure uses repeatable IP code on Azure. Note that transactable Azure VMs and Azure Application solutions on the commercial marketplace will meet this requirement by default.

Requirement 3 – Provide a reference architecture diagram:


It's important to note - for ISV partners publishing their SaaS offers - that the required Architecture Diagram to be uploaded in the publishing process needs to show that more than 50% of the partner offer infrastructure uses repeatable IP code on Azure. The Commercial Marketplace publishing team will check on these requirements as part of their validation. 

Also (and this is new), please note that for the publishing process which happens through the Partner Center portal - you would need to get the CoSell Solutions Admin role & permission. See here how to have this assigned: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/permissions-overview


Finally, if you are wondering about the differences between a CoSell Ready solution and a Marketplace Transactable solution, please check out this comparison:


Commercial marketplace offer – A commercial marketplace autonomic sellable unit. An offer can be configured as one of several available offer types. You need to have a Developer/Manager role and Seller account to publish an offer. Learn more at Publishing guide by offer type


Co-sell solution – A live marketplace offer that a publisher intends to Co-sell with Microsoft. It requires the publisher to upload additional Co-sell specific collateral. That then undergoes an automated and manual review before determining the Co-sell program status the solution can be given. This solution is available in internal Microsoft catalogs along with the uploaded collateral.