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Microsoft Netherlands Healthcare software partner update

Microsoft cloud for healthcareMicrosoft cloud for healthcare

The past year I've worked with two Dutch healthcare ISV's to onboard them to our healthcare partner ecosystem and empower them to jointly help hospitals with the adoption of new technologies. During this blog I will show some examples of the impact of our partnership at Hospitals. 


1. Beterdichtbij

More chronically ill and elderly people, a growing staff shortage and a doubling of healthcare expenditure. Beterdichtbij helps hospitals and dokters to be more efficient in patient communication via the Beterdichtbij App. With the App patients can easily ask questions to the dokter about their treatment or discuss their treatment remote via the Beterdichtbij Teams calling functionality. 


Checkout this video to see how an patient with Kidney damage is using Beterdichtbij to communicate with his dokter.  Patiëntvideo samen beslissen bij nierschade - YouTube


Appsource link: Zakelijke apps – Microsoft AppSource


2. Openhealthub

Openhealthub developed the improve app to enable doctors and researchers to safely, easily 

efficiently collect (patient) data via the mobile app or home measuring device (remote patient monitoring).


Dokters and Researchers can create their own digital patient information materials, questionnaires or use the more than 400 validated questionnaires in our library. Patients can read and fill out the questionnaires using our easy-to-use app. Questionnaires are send back securely using end-to-end encryption. Also add Remote Patient Monitoring for measuring vital signs, such as blood pressure. Improve is hosted on Azure for easy data transfer and account management using our open FHIR API’s.


Checkout this video how the Improve app is used at the Radboud UMC Improve case Radboudumc - YouTube

Link to Appsource: Zakelijke apps – Microsoft AppSource


Do you want to learn more about how we are partnering with Healthcare SaaS companies in the Netherlands? Feel free to reachout to me via Linkedin or email.


Contact details:


Mark Pannekoek

Partner Development Manager Healthcare (2) Mark Pannekoek | LinkedIn