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Microsoft Commercial Marketplace - Starters Guide (Level 1)

Hi there!


This post is meant to give you an introduction to the FREE and publicly available tools and resources Microsoft offers to enable you to succeed in developing and deploying your solutions on our Commercial Marketplace. The target audience of this post is Independent Software Vendors that are a partner of Microsoft (have an MPN id) and are keen to learn more about the Commercial Marketplace (Level 1). It's a self starters guide, meaning you will be empowered to take action into your own hands! 


What is the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace?

For your current and future customers, the commercial marketplace is a powerful tool to find, try, buy, and deploy best-in-class solutions that they can use to accelerate digital transformation and innovate in the cloud. For your customers that are already Microsoft customers, purchasing solutions from the commercial marketplace has an added benefitthey can include commercial marketplace purchases in their existing Microsoft purchase agreements and receive a consolidated invoice from Microsoft.


In the image above, you can see that on one front, partners are able to publish and deploy their solutions on our storefronts. Customers can then discover, try, and buy solutions from the marketplace in one of three ways:

  1. Direct from the publishers
  2. Through our field sales teams who retire quota for selling eligible partner solutions, or
  3. Through our global distribution channel, where we now also pay the channel a 10 percent incentive to sell marketplace publisher solutions with a transactable SaaS offer, and who participate in the IP co-sell program. 

Follow this quick module to understand more: Introduction to the Microsoft commercial marketplace - Learn | Microsoft Docs


How can I publish a solution?

Check out the Publisher Guide to utilize the documentation on the Partner Center experience, functionality and step by step instructions on how to. Explore the publisher guide by starting with creating an account and benefit from the how-to guides!


I want to learn more, but I still have a few questions I'd like to ask Microsoft?

No problem! Join one of our Marketplace office hours to jon category managers and architects for weekly discussions and a Q&A covering ISV business opportunities and technical publishing scenarios.


I am experiencing challenges in Partner Center in setting up the first steps, can someone help me?

Sure! Engage the Partner Center and commercial marketplace publisher support team for assistance overcoming issues: submit a ticket.


We look forward to collaborate on our mutual Commercial Marketplace journey! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment so we (the local NL team) can support you further.