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Microsoft Build key takeaways for ISVs

What can we build, and what does the world need us to build? Last week during Microsoft Build, our flagship event for developers Satya zoomed in on these two questions and shared his view on the 10 technologies above that come together as a powerful platform for developers.

IDC research shows that currently 31M developers worldwide are navigating the challenges for 8B people, and our planet. Below is a summary from Satya's keynote for ISVs. For the full overview of announcements check out the Book of News.

Developer Flow - Our goal is to make it easy to go from Idea to Code, from code to cloud, and from the Cloud to the rest of the World. With the introduction of Microsoft Dev Box it's possible to setup a Dev Box in seconds and code with an AI pair programmer.

  • Introducing Microsoft Dev Box, a new cloud service that provides developers with secure, ready-to-code developer workstations for hybrid teams of any size. Microsoft Dev Box makes it easy to access the tools and resources developers need without worrying about workstation configuration and maintenance.
  • GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer, an AI-powered coding assistant that will become generally available for all developers this summer.

Cloud ubiquity - Embed computing across the cloud and the Edge. You can now run mission critical data workloads in your own environment, while meeting latency and regulatory requirements. Learn more about Azure Arc - Hybrid and Multicloud Management | Microsoft Azure


App ubiquity - Distribute your app to any device. Microsoft is announcing Microsoft Store Ads, to help developers surface their apps to the right user at the right time. We want to bring your applications (including Win32 apps) to our store and help you maximize your reach to customers. You have the choice to use our commerce engine, or you can bring your own commerce engine to your apps and keep 100 percent of the revenue. Microsoft Store grows with the developer community - Windows Developer Blog


Cloud Native - All cloud-native development starts with writing a microservice. Microservices help teams build, deliver, and scale applications faster than traditional architectures. Now in preview, Azure Container Apps | Microsoft Azure a fully managed serverless container service for building and deploying modern apps at scale. It allows you to create modern apps based on open standards.

Another big announcement is Azure Confidential Computing – Protect Data In Use | Microsoft Azure, it protects data when in use, as well as at rest and in transit. How? by encrypting and isolating code and data in a Zero Trust environment, where even Azure, as the cloud provider, doesn’t have access.


Unified Data - Build your apps with unified data fabric, we are moving to a world where every app will be intelligent and adapt in real time. Analytics won’t just be a back-end process. It will become a critical part of the product experience. Instead of thinking about databases, analytics, and governance as separate things, we are architecting these pieces together as part of one intelligent data platform. Introducing the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform | Azure-blog en -updates | Microsoft Azure.

With Synapse Link, all committed transactions across these databases are now available in real-time analytics in Synapse. With Azure ML, they can easily retrain models based on this real-time learning and close the loop by deploying those models back on to the application Announcing the Public Preview of Azure Synapse Link for SQL - Microsoft Tech Community


Models as platform - The question we try to answer is how can apps be infused with intelligence using AI to both improve existing scenarios and introduce new, more ambitious ones? Learn more about Microsoft's ARM developer kit, meet Project Volterra: Everything you need to know about Microsoft's ARM developer kit | Windows Central


Low code / No-code - New announcement regarding Express design in Power Apps. You can upload a PDF, a PowerPoint or even a hand-drawn sketch and Express design will convert it into an app within seconds. New: turn images and designs into apps using AI-powered express design | Microsoft Power Apps


Collaborative Apps - This starts with Microsoft Graph. With Graph connectors, ISVs can extend their applications and have them be discovered as part of the user’s everyday tasks, whether they are writing an e-mail, meeting on Teams, or doing a search. Accelerate this process with Live Share, a capability for your apps to go beyond passive screen sharing and enable participants to co-watch, co-edit, co-create, and more in Teams meetings. Build collaborative apps with Microsoft Teams - Microsoft 365 Blog


Metaverse - The metaverse is an emerging concept and there are many questions around what it is, and what can companies do with it? In this panel discussion Microsoft Build Into Focus: Preparing for the metaverse you hear from industry experts how to leverage current technologies to get started.


Ultimately this is about providing the richest set of technologies and platforms to empower the current 31M developers to dream and build what’s next. 8B people and our planet are counting on it!

Thanks for taking the time and please leave a message if this was useful for you, curious about your takeaways.




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