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ISV Success Stories - Space4Good

Meet Space4Good! A team of Astropreneurs ready to build and use powerful geospatial tools for a better world. Space4Good is an exciting and innovative social enterprise and certified B. Corp that “utilises earth observation technology for social and environmental good”. The organisation combines a range of technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Remote Sensing data analytics and Geographic information systems services to map and model complex ecosystems. 


In 2021 they decided to join forces with Microsoft and leverage the benefits of a partnership to accelerate their growth and to deliver an even more positive impact in the areas of agriculture & forestry, conservation & biodiversity, peace & justice, as well as climate & infrastructure. 


To date, Space4Good has worked with notable NGOs, governments entities, investment banks and likeminded commercial entities. For example, Space4Good recently offered


  • Climate risk insights to mitigate armed conflict in Africa 
  • Air pollution monitoring in Southeast Asia and MENA cities for the World Bank
  • Deforestation detections and assessments in Cambodia for Amnesty International
  • Carbon assessments for the Rabobank ACORN carbon marketplace,
  • Partner afforestation monitoring for notable search engine, Ecosia. 


We are thrilled to see that Space4Good is now part of the Microsoft Partner Network and happy that they are getting the business and technical guidance necessary through programs such as the Microsoft for Start-ups FoundersHub and the Station F accelerator. 


How does the Microsoft Partnership help Space4Good?

Many SaaS companies have realised that joint action is needed to resolve the most pressing topics in today’s world. In Space4Good’s own words, the partnership with Microsoft is where “we see the immense value in partnerships between major corporates and start-/scale-ups as a new frontier in collaborative impact making for sustainable futures”. 


Concrete Outcomes stemming from the Partnership

The benefits of this partnership have helped Space4Good in 3 different ways 


  1. The strong network access to Microsoft’s Partner ecosystem has been a key factor in achieving global benefits for the company, through “connecting with support mechanisms or potential partner opportunities through entities such as Capgemini, SUEZ and more”. Space4Good has found that “our connection to Microsoft partners and clients is key in being able to expand our business, determine strategic pilots and co-developments with industry leaders and clients.”
  2. Microsoft’s deep and wide-ranging experience in technology service provision, product development and scaling technologies is crucial for Space4Good in “accelerating our solutions, and consequently in increasing our impact potential and notoriety.”

  3. The guidance and support from Microsoft in transitioning to Azure and applying scalable technological design principles, devising effective machine learning models and access to training data via Microsoft tutelage has been “a key goal of ours in achieving scalable and quality outputs”


Space4Good’s nature-based solutions monitoring, reporting and verification services has been awarded many prestigious accolades such as the Geospatial World Awards 2021 prize for Forest Management with Dr Willie Smits, Geospatial 100 award 2022,  and a nomination for the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) Start-up of the year award.; We are super proud to have Space4Good part of our Microsoft ecosystem of Software companies and we  will continue to collaborate on bringing geospatial technologies to the world forum. 

If you would like to learn more about how a partnership with Microsoft can help you grow your SaaS business, please feel free to contact one of our dedicated team members who can guide you towards the necessary next steps at: Welcome to the community! - Microsoft Partner Community