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Dutch ISV Education Partner Update

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Microsoft Education provides the tools to create an inclusive classroom and personalize learning for every student, enabling them to become more self-directed, confident learners.  The past year I've worked with 3 Dutch Education ISV's to onboard them to our partner ecosystem and empower them to jointly help education institutions with their hybrid learning journey. 



FeedbackFruits LMS-integrated tool suite is an all-in-one solution to boost student engagement and collaboration in any course setting. Activating students and encouraging participation in the rapidly changing world of education is becoming increasingly essential in online education. At FeedbackFruits, our mission is to make coursework engaging every step of the way, and with the new partnership between Microsoft Teams and FeedbackFruits, this can be more streamlined than ever. All FeedbackFruits tools are now available within Teams to enhance your courses. Instead of using multiple programs and platforms, it's now possible to have students collaboratively read, review, and comment on a document, all within Teams. Additionally, you can let your students watch an Interactive Video within Teams or enrich your live lectures with Interactive Presentation. 


Feedbackfruits demo FeedbackFruits x Microsoft Teams (NL) - YouTube

Appsource link Zakelijke apps – Microsoft AppSource


2.anDREa Digital Research Environment

anDREa enables researchers to use the cloud for data-driven research on information that must comply with privacy laws and regulations, be only available to authorized people and services and is subject to high security requirements. anDREa enables organizations to remain in control: in control of costs and in control by being demonstrably compliant. Researchers to use the Microsoft Azure cloud for data-driven research, using the latest Microsoft Azure technology and services and enabling (inter)national cooperation. Organizations to remain in control while using the public cloud. In control of costs and in control by being demonstrably compliant. anDREa is designed, developed and owned by medical universities and provides medical-strength compliance and security for all types of research.
Ondemand webinar about anDREa Digital research environment Microsoft Event (mktoevents.com)
At Revisely, we want to help teachers to give more insightful feedback on students' work to improve their learning. The unique extendible sets of comments integrated in Revisely's web application include tips on
how to improve writing skills but can also include your feedback on the content. Offering all this extra in-depth feedback increases students' learning effects. Besides online correction, Revisely also offers various other features such as a plagiarism check, Team Hand-in and Peer Grading & Feedback.

Do you want to learn more about how we are partnering with Education SaaS companies in the Netherlands? Feel free to reach out to me via Linkedin or email.


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Mark Pannekoek

Partner Development Manager Education (2)  Mark  Pannekoek | LinkedIn