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When in doubt ... Just PUP It!

In talking about partnering more effectively with Per Werngren I mentioned an old technique that seems to be losing favor these days. This relates to Reinventing Productivity and to Getting Things Done.

Thanks Per for inviting me to be on your P2P Panel at the Microsoft Inspire event. It was that conversation that got me to take 5 minutes to write this post. I think it's a post that can save your countless hours and a lot of grief when you are partnering with others or just working with your colleagues.

Just remember ... 

When in doubt … Just PUP It.

This is something my manager told me many years ago.

It means … Just Pick Up the Phone!


Instead of a long running string of emails or chat sessions or texts or any of the other myriad of ways you might be using to communicate … Just Pick Up the Phone!

But, but, but …

  • Sure. You are busy.
  • Sure. The other party may be in a different time zone.
  • Sure. You might be in a running disagreement with the person.

These are not viable excuses.

When in doubt … Just PUP It!

From personal experience I can tell you that a 5 minute phone call beats days of emails and chats by a long shot.

Excuses don't matter … Results Do!

Everyone is busy. Yes, we are in a global society. On the phone you can better understand nuance and be able to react in real time (good and bad) to the person on the other end of the line.

When in doubt … Just PUP It!

Pro Tip: Include ALL of your contact details on every email

Yes, email is old school. However, lots of people in the business world still use it to communicate.

And, I can tell you from personal experience there is nothing more frustrating that trying to find someone's phone number. Well, there might be a few things more frustrating, but in the business world … being able to quickly find the information you need to contact someone is critical.

I wrote this about the thinking behind including your contact info … every time.

One Simple Tip to Make it Easier to Engage 

Pro Tip: Consider putting your contact info on your LinkedIn profile

It's true, LinkedIn is becoming the lingua franca for business communications. However, there are some caveats.

No matter how you find the other persons contact information just make the time to Pick Up the Phone. You can shortcut a lot of confusion and reduce some of the consternation related to endless email threads and chat conversations.

Remember …

When in doubt … Just PUP It!


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