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The people makes the IAMCP great!

Having spent many years leading the IAMCP worldwide, I would say that it is the people that are involved that makes this association great!


This network of people around the globe makes it easier to develop your business regardless if you want to do it on a national or international level.


I have always been impressed, and highly valued, the trust between our members as everyone takes care of each other. There are many circles of trust in the IAMCP and I have personally enjoyed it on a global scale.


After having stepped down almost 3 years ago I'm proud to see the IAMCP keeping on developing with new leaders emerging! Again, it is the people that makes the IAMCP great and that gives extra-ordinariy value to our members.


There has also been a very special relationship between the IAMCP and Microsoft WPG/OCP and kudos goes to CVPs Allison, Jon, Phil and Gavriella that have all been instrumental in building the business together. Great people that have all supported the IAMCP!


In an online world, it is still people that do business with each other!


Regards, Per



PS. As part of IAMCP's 25th anniversary, I was interviewed about our journey: https://www.iamcp.org/blogpost/1781733/322944/PLAY-THE-GIVERS-GAME-AND-GIVE-THE-OPPORTUNITY-A-chat-with-Per-Werngren-previous-chairman-of-IAMCP-International