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Partners and Privacy

This week in Washington DC the US Congress is going to be grilling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This is not likely to be a productive conversation.

The people that comprise the US Congress are notoriously NOT tech savvy.

There is a partner opportunity here. It's going to take a little time to take shape.

But, start with GDPR.

Microsoft has made a significant commitment to GDPR. I attending the GDPR Partner Executive Summit last week and saw how much effort Microsoft is putting in place. Partners ARE needed to insure this is broad, deep, and rapid.

The following post was written a little toungue-in-cheek.

After hearing a sitting Senator ... who happens to be a lawyer ... say that he didn't know what info he had shared on Facebook. As a lawyer ... I mused that him, of all people, should know what a Terms of Use (TOU) license is.

If he didn't read it ... that's on him. Not on Facebook.

I suspect the members of Congress are going to try and rake Mr. Zuckerberg over the coals in what I am calling Zuckraking.

Regardless, here it is ... 

Let the Zuckraking Begin

Brace yourself for a Zuck-raking week.

In case you missed the news … Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook will be testifying in front of the US Congress this week.

I have a few predictions.


Prediction 1:

This week is going to turn out to be yet another rant from Congress trying to reign in something they don’t understand.

This morning Senator John Kennedy spoke about not knowing whether Facebook has his data or who owns his data.

I looked him up.

He’s a lawyer.

He of all people should understand what a terms of use agreement means.

Let the Zuckraking Begin

There might be a bit of personal schadenfreude in watching the circus that is about to begin this week in the Halls of Congress.

This is going to be a week of Muckraking but I’m going to re-categorize it as Zuckraking

This is no Teapot Dome

You can see his segment on Face the Nation here. And read his comments in full.

Who, who owns my data? Do I own it or does Facebook own it?
~ Republican Senator John Kennedy

I’m sure he’s a smart guy. But, I predict he will be showing his ignorance about modern technology in the coming week. I would be very happy to be surprised. But, based on past exposure to what seems to be a pervasive mentality within the Halls of Congress I have low expectations.

I don't want to hurt Facebook. 
I don't want to regulate them half to death.

~ Republican Senator John Kennedy

Some of the Facts

I think we all can agree that Facebook does have a lot of our data. I think we all have to agree that this is what we signed up for. Anyone that broke the seal on the license agreement should know what they signed up for. In case you forgot or never bothered to read them the links are below.

Did you break the seal?

I suspect this is just another opportunity for Congress to distract from doing their real job. One could argue this is their real job … protecting citizens. However, this Zuckraking seems to be yet another distraction from Congress doing all the things they have been avoiding. From doing the things that matter for national security, healthcare, infrastructure, and so much more that the party in power seems unwilling and unable to tackle.

Instead they will focus on another distraction in the form of Zuckraking.

Prediction 2:

Hedonic adaptation will return to normal very shortly

Read the rest ... 

This was originally posted on my blog. I wasn't able to post the whole thing here.