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LinkedIn Elevate … Your Career Secret Weapon

As some of you know I helped deploy and test LinkedIn Elevate at Microsoft.

Today, I want to introduce you to the person that bested me.

I’m proud to say that Carson Heady has bested me. Kudos and congratulations to him.


In his own words Carson’s going to share what he has learned about LinkedIn and the LinkedIn elevate platform. so, bear with us for a moment.

Elevate is an incredible, valuable and ultra relevant tool.

It's helped me not only stay abreast of what's topical in my business and that of our customers …


Carson's thoughts on LinkedIn Elevate:

I’m always looking for different tools to enhance my social selling acumen, and firmly believe the day is fast approaching where social selling will just be called selling. While there are no silver bullets to prospecting and applying strategic touches to your relationships, when I found out about Elevate from a peer I was instantly hooked. Many tools can tee up posts to share, but Elevate culls countless valuable articles that my co-workers are sharing that I can read for my own education, share to my network, and often send directly to clients with whom I’ve spoken about that very topic. Elevate has been instrumental in my selling tool bag and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to invest some strategic time in improving their selling process. The articles and sharing capabilities make it exceptionally easy for me to plot out my day and stay in touch with my network.

LinkedIn Elevate to Me!

I’ve been using social media and social networks for a long time. I’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for over 10 years. That doesn’t make me an expert. That doesn’t make me anything special. It just means I’ve been on them for a long time. It also means I’ve seen a lot of changes in the way they operate and in the way I use them too.

LinkedIn Elevate did something that I particularly liked.

LinkedIn elevate help me do three things:

  1. It allowed me to post to multiple channels at the same time.
  2. LinkedIn elevate allowed me to schedule posts for a day or even days out.
  3. And, LinkedIn elevate allowed me to see analytics on what I posted

Yes, I know some people think this is blasphemy and not the way social is supposed to be used. But, when you work for a living and you have other things to do (besides post to social networks all day long) it’s nice to have a tool to help you automate some of those tasks.

Has LinkedIn elevate changed my life?

That’s debatable. But, I can confidently say that LinkedIn Elevate help make me more productive and help allow me to post content that I believe is useful to people that I interact with across various social networks.

I‘d love to hear your thoughts. Whether they are complementary or contradictory I want to hear what you have to say.

What is your LinkedIn Elevate story?


For more information about LinkedIn Elevate

Disclaimer: I don’t work for LinkedIn and I’m not compensated for any of my efforts with LI Elevate. I’m just a fan.


Connect with Carson

Carson V. Heady

Carson V. Heady He is the author of "Birth of a Salesman"​ and an all-around good guy.



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