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IAMCP attendees at Inspire

Here is a great page for you to learn more about Inspire events from an IAMCP point of view




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Hi all, this is Guy from myCloud Services in Australia.


We're founding a new chapter for IAMCP in ANZ. If you know anyone that is interested please let them know to keep an eye out for us.

Cheers, (Cloud) Guy


This will be my 8th WPC / Inspire, and 3rd time back to DC for this great event! Really looking forward to seeing more of my IAMCP compatriots from Seattle and here in Utah, and connecting with people from around the world. Inspire may be where you start a conversation, but IAMCP is where you continue those conversations, so if you have not already signed up to this global community, do so right now!

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Christian Buckley
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Looking forward to being at Inspire and seeing everyone at IAMCP-US

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This will be my second WPC (Inspire). Toronto was a great host city. I know DC will be just as great. I am looking forward to connecting with those friends I made last year, and looking forward to making new ones. I will be the one in the black polo shirt with "Cyber Security" across the back.


If you don't know about IAMCP, let me tell you a great story. Last year a gentleman from Australia was in the booth checking the group out. We started up a conversation. That first meeting then led to a project with the potential for 14M (yes million) licenses. You never know who is next to you and what you can do for them to make them successful.


Finally, if you are new to Inspire and need help navigating or just have questions, you now know how to find me. Please stop me and I will be more than happy to help if I can, and I want to hear all about your business.


See you all in DC.

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I remember my first WPC from 10 years ago.  I walked around wondering... why do so many people have these IAMCP stickers on their badge... and how do I join that group!  That was a majoring turning point in my partnership with Microsoft and my professional career!


Justin Slagle