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Calling all Microsoft Alumni

Did you make it?

Did you attend the Microsoft Alumni Network Reunion with a Purpose?

It happened on Oct 12th and 700+ people joined us in Redmond and another 100+ joined in at remote locations for the first time. Below is my write up about the event. A highlight was having Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on stage and sharing thoughts from his new book Hit Refresh” ... and everyone received a copy too!

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Another fantastic Microsoft Reunion with a Purpose is in the books.

If you missed it this time ... join the Alumni Network (or at least sign up for the newsletter) to stay informed. 

But seriously, this is the best $99 you'll spend all year. If you have questions ... ask me!

Calling all Microsoft Alumni … If you aren’t a member of the Microsoft Alumni Network yet … take 3 minutes and Join Us!

Rich Kaplan ... emcee'ing and sharing statsRich Kaplan ... emcee'ing and sharing stats

A few days ago a collection of Microsoft Alumni gathered in Redmond and for the first time ever at remote sites to hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speak about his new book “Hit Refresh

It was a VERY NICE touch for attendees to receive 
an Employee Edition copy of Satya’s new book.

Kevin Johnson, Microsoft Alum and currently the president and chief executive officer at Starbucks was on stage with Satya and they had a great back and forth banter.

20171012_163023425_iOSIt was great to see these two captains of industry so at ease with each other and with this audience. It’s clear … we are THEIR people. And, I for one thank them for their candor and willingness to share their time and thoughts with the Microsoft Alumni Network members.

Satya on Change:
Don't change everything, just change the things that have the most impact. 

Why Do Alums Do This?

It’s simple. It can be boiled it down to three things, but there is so much more than these three.

  • Bonding
  • Shared Experiences
  • Doing Good (Together)

If you are an alumni I’d like to hear why you stay connected, why you give back, and what we can do to help in the comments. Perhaps you can be the next Integral Fellow or Inspired Leader.

Giving Back Matters

20171013_053555070_iOSOne of the things Rich Kaplan said from the stage and I can concur as I have said the same thing.

Alumni remember the The Giving Campaign

This is where Microsoft employees give back both money and time. A lot of alumni want to reproduce that. And, many have in their own ways.

Some of those giving back are recognized as Integral Fellows, this year was #17. Others are noticed and identified as Inspired Leaders. There is more below about them and on the official Microsoft Alumni Network post.

And, there are countless others that are giving back and getting things done that may not be recognized on stage at the Reunion with a Purpose, but their commitment and willingness to give back is appreciated. Even if it’s not on stage.

Tech Matters Too

After all, we are all Microsoft Alumni. It was great to see one of my favorite speakers from Microsoft on stage and sharing with the alumni what is happening in the tech space. Julia White, Corporate Vice President, and all around rock star shared some of the plans and what is available today from Microsoft.

She boiled it down to three big initiatives:

  1. Multisense / multi-device – The Future of Devices
  2. Deep AI – Ultimately, businesses are data first companies
  3. Data centers – Where data resides, access in a timely manner, and securing it

Also, Microsoft’s Brad McCabe demo’d some great AI/ML technologies already built into PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and my new favorite … Paint 3D (available within the Windows 10 Creators Edition).


Integral Fellow and Inspired Leaders

Every year the Microsoft Alumni Network identifies and names several leaders that have and continue to make a difference in the community.

This year 4 people were recognized on stage, but countless others continue to give back, engage and make a difference.

2017 Integral Fellow  Kevin Ross

2017 Inspired Leaders  Rikin Gandhi, Kimberly Mecham, and Kevin Phaup.

Watch the videos on the Microsoft Alumni Network website along with the official re-cap of the event.


Congratulations to Kevin Ross for being recognized at the 2017 Integral Fellow and to Rikin, Kimberly, and Kevin for being recognized as Inspired Leaders. Your contributions are noticed and appreciated.

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imageThank you to all of the Microsoft Alumni that made this even possible by being alumni members and also for

Finally, thank you to Rich Kaplan and Marylou Brannan for building an amazing team that puts on this incredible event.

Calling all Microsoft Alumni … If you aren’t a member of the Microsoft Alumni Network yet … take 3 minutes and Join Us!