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Be featured in Microsoft Inspire Vision Keynote!

 Dear Microsoft Partners,


We need your help to create a partner-inspired film which will be shown during the Microsoft Inspire Vision Keynote on July 10. We are asking you and other Microsoft partners around the world to help create this global film project by using your mobile device to capture video of what inspires you.


Your Inspiring Day might be as simple as sharing a moment with your family or closest friends, the view from your office window, a walk on the beach, your children playing or a gathering with colleagues. It could also be a unique talent or a special cultural moment. Use your imagination, but please do not take any risks or break any laws.



The video should be no more than 15-20 seconds in length and filmed in landscape, widescreen format (not portrait or vertical format). Please don’t use filters on your video. Your video can have sound but it’s important that the content of the video can be understood even if it is viewed without audio. Please email your video to inspiringday@dialoguellc.com by 5:00pm PDT on Thursday, June 15, 2017.


Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your Inspiring Day!