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Thanks for your participation in Kick Off 2021

Dear Microsoft Partner,


Then we got started on our first network meeting. Good to see that there were several of you prioritizing the IAMCP network meeting. There was good news from IAMCP International with an introduction for the Quarter Partner Briefing 2021. This is where you can meet equal IAMCP members from around the world and hear both Gavriella Schuster and Dan Truax support IAMCP globally. Already tick the calendar for the following dates:


19 - 20 May 2021 and 10 - 11 November 2021


Elena Staszak from Microsoft Denmark gave us an update on partner-related events. She will keep you posted here as well with continuous structured information. To get the overview from yesterday see enclosed.


Peter's IAMCP Corner gave us a 360-degree tour of the new Microsoft Viva, which to that extent offers new business opportunities for all Microsoft partners. We enclose the long slide deck from Peter where you can immerse yourself. Don't forget to check out the questions from the meeting in this post


Alon showed Microsoft Partner Journey which we recommend that all Microsoft Partners get started. There are lots of links to guide you through. The easiest way is to start by getting an App service on the platform. I enclose the Microsoft Partner Journey as well.


The next time we meet is March 25, 2021, where we will follow up on Microsoft Ignite, among other things. Watch the program here and get registered:


Have a great weekend and enjoy the Microsoft Ignite conference next week.


Antonio Bibovski

President - IAMCP DK


Hi all,

please do reach out to me here if you have any questions related to partner Comms. & Events 😊


Happy Friday!