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Meetup materials 27.05-2021

Dear Microsoft Partner,


Thanks to all of you that joined the IAMCP meetup last week.


We had a great update on Directions from Ulrikka van Straten - QBS Nordic and several speakers from Microsoft updating us on Integration scenarios and MW.


We only have one IAMCP Meetup left before the summer, on the 24th. of June with Azure + Data & AI as Topics. We will again have interesting speakers from Microsoft and of course, Peter's IAMCP corner will be on the agenda as well.


You can sign up from today for this IAMCP Meetup:


If any of you have any questions to either Dutta, Ulrikka, or Peter please post your questions here in the Microsoft PartnerZone or at so we can follow up.


I enclosed the wrong link to the survey last time at the meeting so here is the right link:

IAMCP feedback


We enclose the materials from last time here but will in the future work on another model for sharing.


Hope you will join us and send your feedback so we can get even better for the future.


See you soon.


Antonio Bibovski

President - IAMCP Denmark and Iceland