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IAMCP & Microsoft Partner event materials for February 24th

Hello Microsoft Partners,


Thanks for attending on February 24th!


We were delighted that many of you found available time for this event where we could provide you with new opportunities for your 2022 strategy.


We need your feedback on this event so we can make the content even better for next time when we will have an IAMCP and Microsoft event in June 2022. 


We add relevant information in condition to SharePoint Syntex:


If you have any questions just let us know and we will get in contact with the speakers so you can get your answers.


Further, we enclose the presentation from the event.


The next meeting is in March on Frederiksberg and you are welcome to join.

Read more and sign up now!


We are looking forward to seeing you!


Antonio Bibovski

President - IAMCP Denmark and Iceland