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IAMCP Microsoft Ignite update

Dear Microsoft Partner,

Great once again to see you attend this IAMCP Meetup online where we shared the Microsoft Ignite updates among others.


We also gave you an introduction to the new Partner blog on our homepage where you can contribute yourself if you send an email to


We look forward to welcoming Iceland partners next time to the social event on the 29th of April and for future events. Remember to sign up!


Christian Ømand and Peter Lunding Smith from Microsoft Denmark gave us all the highlights from Microsoft Ignite. I have enclosed all information in this post so you can share it with the rest of your organization.


Elena Staszak from Microsoft Denmark gave us an update on partner-related events. She will keep you posted here as well with continuous structured information. To get the overview see enclosed. Elena also would like to encourage you all to collaborate here in the Partner community. 


Please reach out to both Christian, Peter, and Elena here in the PartnerZone if you have any questions regarding the presentations. They would be happy to help you out.


You can still help us out with your comments in this short survey so we can improve for the future.


Have a great weekend.


Antonio Bibovski

President - IAMCP DK