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IAMCP EMEA Partner Opportunity Group meeting - May 10, 13:30 to 14:30 CET

Remember to join this important and inspirational meeting with focus on Sales, Marketing and Growth for you as Microsoft Partner.


If you haven't signed up for the IAMCP Partner Opportunity Group meetings yet, you can do it HERE!


The purpose of the meetings is to:


  1. Build partnerships and trust amongst members and partners
  2. Identify market trends and opportunities to grow your business through marketing and sales strategy.
  3. Learn and share about best practices in marketing and sales strategy
  4. Improve your customer relationship
  5. Facilitate P2P GTM and sales


Agenda for this meeting:

  • International Inbound Lead Generation
    • Top of funnel international lead generation for B2B software with long sales cycles when you do not have a big budget.
    • We will discuss how you can design, implement, and operate an organic thought leadership program that enables potential customers to find and engage with you.
    • We will also discuss how you move traffic through the funnel, but the prime objective at this meeting is to discuss how you can generate awareness and interest at the top.


For more information, please contact the Partner Opportunity Leader:


Steen Helmer

IAMCP EMEA Membership Committee Chair


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