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The Year of NLP

Dear Partner Community,


Niall McDonagh Healthcare Sector Director for Western Europe at Microsoft discusses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and how it empowers caregivers and optimises patient-doctor conversation: 




"Within the Microsoft ecosystem we have several Cognitive Services in place where we can transform speech to text, translate text from and to different languages. In healthcare the real power comes when we combine these services with our Text Analytics for Health Service. Where we can convert speech to text with our Speech to Text Service and extract meaningful structured information from unstructured text via our Text Analytics For Health Service, which is our healthcare Natural Language Processing engine.


To emphasize why this is important in healthcare, you must know that a lot of healthcare information is based on verbal consultations between the clinician and patient. A significant amount of time during and after each consultation is spent transforming unstructured conversations into structured data, which is then stored in the electronic medical record. Furthermore, other manual processes such as assigning the correct payment codes to every consultation is currently also a manual action, which could be automated via NLP. The accuracy of the clinical note is paramount as it has an impact on the patient healthcare treatments, outcomes, and payments.


Nuance which is the leader in the Clinical speech-to-text field, provides a solid and clinical Speech to Text service called Dragon Medical One. They also provide a new service called Dragon Ambient eXperience, which is providing a Healthcare NLP engine, however this is currently only available in English. For this reason, Microsoft has been teaming up with Nuance and localized NLP ISVs in Europe to offer an end-to-end service for other European languages. The technology, that exists today, offers healthcare providers the potential to achieve improvement on multiple core objectives: cost efficiency; quality of care; patient and clinician satisfaction which is reflected in strong interest to date among our healthcare customers."


For more information, please go to: https://www.nuance.com/