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Microsoft on FHIR - Book your seat

Dear Partner,

I would like to invite you to our upcoming sessions focusing in FHIR, taking place in March.

In this 4 sessions event across multiple days, we will immerse you in FHIR. More specific; why it is being used, how it is being used, combined with many different demos and real world uses cases. We will start with high level topics, by explaining what FHIR is, and why it is needed, and granularly go deeper into the technical stack, session by session. The goal of this event is to enable you to understand the Microsoft FHIR ecosystem and leverage it to build solutions and integrations in your organization.

Some of the topics we will cover include: open-source Azure FHIR API, managed Azure Healthcare API’s, how to ingest data from IoMT sources, perform legacy dataconversion, extract DICOM headers using our Medical Imaging Server for DICOM, integrate with services such as Power BI, PowerAppsand the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service.
• Session 1: 14th March - 11:00 CET - 12:15 CET
• Session 2: 16th March - 11:00 CET - 12:15 CET
• Session 3: 21st March - 11:00 CET - 12:15 CET
• Session 4: 23rd March - 11:00 CET - 12:15 CET

Target audience: TDM, BDM, Sellers, People who want to know what FHIR is and FHIR enthusiast


This training session will not be recorded, so make sure to register and attend.


Pre knowledge requirements: basic understanding of Healthcare interoperability standards like HL7v2 and CCDA


Before you register for this Microsoft Western Europe training, please make sure that you meet following requirements otherwise your registration may be cancelled in case that only limited capacity is available:
• Register only using your company email address
• You are part of the Western Europe Partner ecosystem


For registration and more information: WEWC2547 Microsoft on FHIR *prioritized for Western Europe Partners (microsoftevents.com)