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Customer Stories - Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital delivers vital virtual healthcare with Microsoft Teams

Dear Microsoft Partners, 


For people who face mobility and transportation challenges, the sheer difficulty of getting to a healthcare provider can be a barrier to care, which in turn affects health outcomes. Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ), a leading clinical and educational hospital and trauma center in the Netherlands, sought to address this by expanding virtual healthcare appointments across its various locations in Tilburg and Waalwijk. 


The hospital wanted to start by optimizing virtual appointments for patients in two care pathways—neurology and reproductive medicine—and it was already in the initial stages when the arrival of COVID-19 made the effort an even higher priority. ETZ used Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Teams EHR connector for the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system to build an intuitive and durable platform for virtual appointments that could interoperate seamlessly with the hospital’s EHRs. The Microsoft Teams EHR connector is available for both Epic and Cerner customers. 


”Before COVID-19, we offered only in-person appointments and phone consultations, but we were piloting Teams and another system for video consultations,” says Martin van den Oudenhoven, ICT Project Leader at Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital. “Based on the experience, fast implementation time, and the fact that our clinicians were already familiar with Microsoft 365, Teams was the right choice.” 


ETZ plans to expand and implement its Teams EHR integration in its other care units that require video consultations by the end of the summer.


"The greatest benefit is how we’ve used Teams to lower the threshold to care and make it possible for any patient to consult a physician, no matter their location or circumstance."

Martin van den Oudenhoven: ICT Project Leader

Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital


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