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Discover Electrolytes! Part 4 of 4

Should You Supplement Your Diet With Electrolytes?


Some people drink electrolyte water or supplement with electrolytes like sodium and calcium to ensure they get enough.


However, a balanced diet that includes sources of electrolytes should suffice for most.

Your body can typically regulate electrolytes efficiently and keep them at the right levels.

But in some circumstances, such as during bouts of vomiting and diarrhea where electrolyte losses are excessive, supplementing with a rehydration solution that contains electrolytes could be useful.


The amount you’ll need to consume will depend on your losses. Always read the instructions on over-the-counter replacement solutions.


Also note that unless you have low levels of electrolytes due to excessive losses, then supplementing can cause abnormal levels and possibly illness.

It’s best to first consult your doctor or pharmacist before supplementing with electrolytes.



If you eat a balanced diet that contains good sources of electrolytes, supplementing is usually unnecessary.


The Bottom Line


Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge when dissolved in water.

They’re vital for your nervous system, muscles and maintaining an optimal body environment.

Most people meet their electrolyte needs through a balanced diet, though imbalance may occur if you’re dehydrated due to illness or excess heat.


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