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Understanding the Certification Path for Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

The growing relevance of the cloud cannot be denied any longer. It is undoubtedly the platform of the future and is expected to generate numerous career opportunities. Amongst various cloud services platforms, Microsoft Azure is a prominent one, and it is growing at a brisk pace.


Azure’s rapid growth means organizations and professionals must continuously learn and upgrade their necessary Azure cloud skills at regular intervals. That’s where Microsoft Azure certifications play a vital role.


Expecting future challenges related to ever-evolving technology and job requirements, Microsoft, not long ago, made some changes to their Azure certification paths.


Azure certifications have now been made more role-based, and amongst various certifications, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate level certification is the one we will try to understand in detail.


We’ll also find out how AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate training course and other Microsoft Azure Training Courses from NetCom Learning could be highly beneficial for you.


Microsoft Azure Certification Path


Microsoft has introduced the role-based certifications.


A learning path has been established from fundamentals, to associate level, and then to the expert level:


  • These certifications not only validate your how-to-use-technology skills but also develop the skills required to fulfill specific job roles.
  • You get to keep pace with changing technical roles and job requirements.
  • They provide you an opportunity to share your expertise with peers, existing or prospective employers, and get considerable recognition.


Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate: Explained


Azure certifications are offered for Cloud Apps & Infra and Data & AI. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification is one of the Apps and infrastructure Azure certifications.


It’s an associate level certification and the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate can be achieved by passing the certification exam: AZ-103.


With effect from 1st May'2019, to streamline the certifications earning process, the AZ-103 certification exam has been introduced as a replacement for the AZ-100, AZ-101 or AZ-102 certification exams.


Now, one does not need to pass both 100 and 101 certification exams, and you only need to take one exam, the AZ-103, which includes both 100 and 101 examination objectives.


Azure Administrator Associate Certification exam AZ-103 tests and verifies your knowledge as an Azure Administrator. It also tests your ability to manage cloud services such as computing, storage, networking, and security.


Certification Prerequisites:


  • No prerequisites.
  • If you are new to Azure Development, you may take AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals Certification exam


Intended Audience:


  • Azure Administrators.
  • Individuals with a detailed understanding of each cloud service.
  • Professionals who know how to use PowerShell, ARM templates, the Command Line Interface, Azure Portal, virtualization, operating systems, cloud infrastructure, storage, and networking.

Skills Measured:


  • Managing Azure subscriptions, resources.
  • Implementing, managing storage.
  • Deploying, managing VMs.
  • Configuring, managing virtual networks.
  • Managing identities.

 AZ-103 Certification Exam Preparation Steps:

  • Visit the Microsoft Official Web Page for up to date information.
  • Understand the exam objectives.
  • Attend instructor-led training, online courses.
  • Study reference books.
  • Join study groups, online discussion forums.
  • Take practice and mock tests.

Azure’s revenues saw an increase of 76% in the last quarter of 2018, and there is a consistent demand for certified Azure professionals.

Certifications demonstrate your existing skills and upgrade your cloud skills needed for specific job roles.

You can explore Microsoft Azure Training Courses, boost your cloud computing skills and career prospects with the help of our qualified and certified instructors.

If you wish to add substantial value to your business by acquiring in-depth Azure cloud computing knowledge, AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate training course from NetCom Learning could be a suitable choice for you.

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