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Microsoft 365: What's in for 2019?

Microsoft is a predominant name in the field of information technology. In 2018, Microsoft was recognised as the most valued public company. This title was previously owned by Apple. The company owns a major market share in domains like software, hardware, cloud infrastructure and operating systems. Office 365 is one of the flagship products of Microsoft. Latest statistics show that Office 365 has around 120 million commercial users per month.

At times, some developments in the field of technology raise security concerns in business and hence its imperative to have the entire IT infrastructure robust and secured all the time. Microsoft 365 is a bundled subscription service that secures and integrates all the products including Office 365. This subscription model mainly includes Windows 10, Office 365, enterprise mobility and security. It has a scalable cloud service feature, device management in a single integrated package that can effectively manage workplace productivity in a business


There are two types of Microsoft 365 bundles offered by Microsoft

  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise

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