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Introducing our New Learning Portal for Partners

~This blog was written for the Microsoft Partner Nework; please share your thoughts below or start your own topic in the Learning Portal community page!~

We are pleased to announce the launch of Microsoft Partner Network's new Learning Portal, a curated landing page where partners can easily search for, discover, and consume Microsoft's highly impactful training content. 

Inspired by and built according to partner feedback, the Learning Portal is intended to remove the navigational barriers that have historically prevented you from finding the training you need. It's meant to streamline your experience by "mastering" in one interface all the content you typically go to several places to find (including Channel 9, MVA, Drumbeat portal, edX, and so on). In the new Learning Portal, you'll see the familiar Partner University courses, plus Learning Paths that will help you navigate to courses on MVA, edX, etc.

Why did we make this change?Learning portal 5.png

You've provided us with a lot of excellent feedback over the past few years, and we've been listening. We know that the Learning Path site wasn't the intuitive, user-friendly site you needed. It had even become stale and outdated.

You've been asking for a modern interface that has the look and feel of MPN Portal, so that's what we're delivering with this change.Learning Portal Post.png

You've also been asking for improvements, such as a robust Learning Path search function with filters to use for narrowing your search. We have committed to bringing that functionality to you as well.Learning portal 2.png

Most importantly, you've been asking for fresh new Sales content and courses that can help your Technical specialists prepare for Microsoft Certified Professional exams. The new Learning Portal delivers all of this to you, along with a special page geared to the needs of Training Managers and a page outlining all the training requirements for Microsoft Competencies

For the first time in the new Learning Portal interface, we're bringing together all modalities of Microsoft learning (digital content, training events near you, webinars, etc.) that relate to a specific priority area, like Data Strategy and Analytics. In the new Solutions pages you'll find content organized by the four core priority areas Satya Nadella announced at Microsoft Inspire. In this way, you can quickly explore onsite events, certification resources, digital training, and webinar opportunities related to a core business priority, all in one spot.Lerning portal 3.png

Finally, for those who want the deep dive into all Learning Paths available, we have created a Content Catalog that allows you to search our complete library, assemble a hand-picked group of courses into a "playlist" view, and generate a unique link for that "playlist" to share with others. You can find links to the Content Catalog in each of the Solutions pages on Learning Portal.Learning portl 4.png

We're just getting started and we want to hear more feedback about your training experience with Microsoft Partner Network. We invite you to explore the new site and share your opinions in the Microsoft Partner Community. You'll find several links to our partnerup@microsoft.com alias on the Learning Portal. Please feel free to send us an email with more of your great ideas.

Got questions? Feedback? Please post here or start a topic in the Learning Community page.

Level 2 Contributor

The tagging of the courses is very poor. As shown in the image below, the Products are very vague and this screen is not helpful. Azure consists of dozens of products and bundling them all together makes filtering useless, and having a category called Products, Standards and Technology names is totally pointless.  The courses need to be reassigned to actual products and the information architecture of Partner U needs to be reviewed by someone with the appropriate expertise.





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