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How can i become a reseller for Romania?

Hello! First of all i am new here and i dont know a lot this. I want to legally resell Windows, Office, etc. in my country. How can i do that? Do i need to be a CSP Partener to do so? Thank you!


@rauloros2 : You can enroll as CSP Partner to be able to sell cloud services & licenses - e.g. Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise to companies.

See Enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs for more information


If you are looking for reselling Retail licenses to consumers, or assemble PC systems with System Builder licenses, I would recommend you connect with one of the local distributors.

E.g. OEM distributors can be found here: Find a Distributor (microsoft.com)

Most CSP Indirect providers are also distributors for Retail products: Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (microsoft.com)


Btw - I think this community/group is more suitable for the discussion: Reseller - Microsoft Partner Community



Kind regards, Janosch
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