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What’s next for Industry

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We’ve seen that while every industry is unique, digital technology is universally the key to business resilience and transformation. Across all of these sectors, it’s no longer sufficient for organizations to just adopt technology. They need to build their own technology to compete and grow. Watch Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Alysa Taylor, corporate vice president, Business Applications and Global Industry, unveil what’s next for industry, how we’re expanding our investments in industry to ensure every organization in every industry has the tech intensity required to succeed.


Learn more: https://www.microsoft.com/industry


Opening 0:00

Industry Transformation 0:35

Industry Principles 4:40

New Industry Clouds 6:20

Industry Cloud Details 9:08

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services 10:45

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing 12:03

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit 13:05

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare 14:13

Microsoft Cloud for Retail 15:18

Industry Approach 16:21