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Microsoft for Telecommunications at MWC 2022



27th February marked the opening of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, the largest mobile event in the world and a showcase for the latest innovations and leading-edge technology. I’m always energized by MWC and the opportunity it provides to connect with customers, partners, and colleagues over four very busy days. And this year, it will be especially gratifying to attend in person for face-to-face meetings, sessions, and conversations with those of you who will also be in Barcelona.


Microsoft comes to MWC with tremendous momentum in the telecommunications sector, thanks in large part to a number of recent milestones and announcements in our ongoing partnerships with telco industry leaders such as AT&T1, Nokia2, T-Mobile3, Vodafone4, Etisalat5, BT6, Amdocs7, Lumen8, Telstra9, NTT10, and Singtel11. Microsoft empowers these and many other organizations to achieve more with a trusted and secure platform for​ productivity, business operations, network optimization, personalized experiences, and service innovation.

Unlock the power of 5G with Azure for Operators


Joining me in Barcelona will be a number of Microsoft’s telecommunications industry executives across business strategy, sales, and engineering—including a significant delegation from our Azure for Operators team. With Azure for Operators, Microsoft’s goal is to empower operators to unlock the power of 5G by bringing cloud and edge closer together to enable low latency applications with greater reach and low cost. With the introduction of SDN/NFV and 5G, the use of cloud technology within the core network is becoming a reality. Our vision of offering the operator an open and interoperable ecosystem built using hyper-scale technology, highly automated operations, and scalable infrastructure will be highly attractive. We’re applying Microsoft technology and developer ecosystem capabilities to bring next-generation solutions—carrier-grade hybrid cloud platform, voice core, mobile core, and multi-access edge computing—to empower operators to modernize their networks, drive down costs, and create new services and business models.


Azure for Operators was unveiled in September 2020 to help operators and enterprises deploy network capital effectively and operate efficiently, accelerate time to market of new products and services on 5G, and leverage these investments to reposition in the value chain and build a central role in Industry X.0 economy. In June of 2021, we introduced a new category, Azure private MEC, which empowers operators and system integrators to unlock the enterprise 5G opportunity. And today, we’re announcing the next wave of Azure for Operators solutions and services.


Empower workers with digital tools optimized for hybrid work


Our MWC delegation will also include business and technology experts from Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Devices who are excited to connect with you on empowering workers with digital tools optimized for the new world of hybrid work. No one has borne the burden of the past two years more than the frontline, and yet for many the digital transformation that has benefitted their customers—and employers—has been slow to arrive.


According to the most recent Work Trend Index survey from Microsoft, 30 percent of telecommunications frontline workers do not feel they have the right digital tools or technology to do their job effectively, and 58 percent feel they have been learning on the fly with no formal training. While these teams are considered to be the backbone of their organizations, lagging investments in technology and tools have driven many frontline workers to consider leaving their jobs, which would be a staggering drain on essential knowledge and resources.


However, the telecommunications frontline remains a willing partner in workplace transformation, as a significant majority (69 percent) are excited about all the job opportunities that technology is bringing to the industry. And as you will see and hear from us at MWC, Microsoft and our service and solution partners have the intelligent tools to help enable secure productivity and teamwork anywhere, anytime—reducing friction for your workers, and improving the customer care delivered by those on the frontline.