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Microsoft Learn Career Connected - the new employability program


To drive business growth, Microsoft partners and customers are in need of people with skills in specific technologies. At the other end, many people believe they don’t have the background, skills, or experience to make a career move into tech. With connections to both of those groups, Microsoft is in a unique position to help job seekers discover new opportunities to find the jobs they want, learn the skills they need to be successful, and connect to organizations in need of talent.


To facilitate those connections, we're introducing a new employability program—Microsoft Learn Career Connected. This program connects people of all backgrounds to a variety of resources, including training, recruitment, and job placement programs. And, because we have those direct lines to companies in need of talent, we’re helping to directly connect job seekers with employers using Microsoft technology.


To start, we’re focusing on functional consultant roles that work with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Over time, we’ll be adding more technologies, opportunities, and employers. So, whether you’re just starting to explore tech or looking to pivot your current experiences into your next opportunity, you have access to training and career development resources and a private LinkedIn group connecting you directly with organizations looking to hire. Curious what you could do? Find out how to become part of Microsoft Learn Career Connected, and make the first move to advance—or reinvent—your career.



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