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Microsoft Cloud for Law Firms in Switzerland - Useful Resources

The cloud empowers today's law firms to reap the benefits of digital business transformation - from enabling smarter work practices to supporting smarter services such as artificial intelligence, virtual data rooms and document review processes as well as offering differentiated products and reducing cost. 
Nevertheless, there are a lot of challenges linked to moving to the cloud for Swiss Law Firms and there are a lot of questions around cloud security, cloud capabilities and uncertainties related to professional obligations and information disclosure. 

For this reason, we collected some useful resources that are a great starting point for addressing these questions and concerns: Cloud Opportunity for Swiss Law Firms (linkedin.com)


Resources highlights:

  • Article on digitized law firms (in German): Hürlimann, Daniel, and Martin Steiger. “Auf Dem Weg Zur Digitalen Anwaltskanzlei Trotz Berufsgeheimnis Und Datenschutz.” Anwalts Revue De L'Avocat , no. 5, 2021, pp. 199–205.
  • Cloud Compendium (in German and French) - Compliance in the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud
  • Microsoft Customer Agreement including Professional Secrecy Amendment (in German)

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