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Leading change: How industries are partnering with Microsoft to empower their teams and serve customers through uncertainty



This past quarter was shaped by global events and has renewed our focus on how the cloud enables organizations to manage risk while supporting growth. In my conversations with customers, building more resilient and adaptable supply chains is top of mind. Organizations across industries are using cloud-powered technologies to help predict supplier constraints and deliver on their customer promises. Customers have also shared how the cloud enables them to achieve more with less and better track, measure and report progress toward their sustainability goals. By deploying AI-based solutions, data sensors and predictive analytics, among other digital technologies, they are accelerating their sustainability journey and creating greater business value. That extends to what we term the industrial metaverse, where we are helping companies to drive material outcomes through simulations and artificial intelligence. In parallel, as our customers continue to adapt and transform through cloud adoption, they face increased security considerations. Digital defenses using automation to prevent, detect and contain cyber-risks are helping them innovate in multi-cloud environments.


Microsoft has been at the forefront of delivering the digital tools and services organizations need to lead their teams through unprecedented times, embracing partnerships to achieve more together. Today, Mastercard announced the launch of an enhanced identity solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to improve the online shopping experience and tackle digital fraud. Through one of Kraft Heinz’s largest technology investments to date, the consumer goods giant is applying SAP on Azure, Microsoft AI and digital twins to transform its operations and create a more collaborative supply chain to enhance experiences for more than 2,500 U.S. customers and millions of consumers. With Azure as its primary cloud provider, U.S. Bank is scaling innovative products to customers and partners while empowering its increasingly agile workforce. Westpac has announced its strategic partnership with Microsoft to help drive the bank’s digital and hybrid multi-cloud strategy, using Azure AI and data services to rapidly respond to customer needs. Boeing is deepening its partnership with Microsoft to update its technology infrastructure and mission-critical applications, unlock innovation and further strengthen its commitment to sustainable operations through the Microsoft Cloud and its AI capabilities. XPENG is reimagining in-vehicle voice experiences with Azure Cognitive Services. We have also completed our acquisition of Nuance to help providers offer more affordable, effective and accessible healthcare.


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