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Join the #BuildFor2030 Initiative



What is the #BuildFor2030 Initiative?


The Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative is a call-to-action for Microsoft partners to accelerate innovation, changemaking, and collective impact, helping to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Focused on the themes of gender equality, digital inclusion and accessibility, climate action and sustainability, enabling nonprofits, and empowering communities, we support partners making a difference.

We help you to skill up for impact, publish to the Microsoft commercial marketplace, and accelerate growth with Go-To-Market benefits.


Be a part of the #BuildFor2030 Initiative


By filling out this form you can:

  • Stay informed with learning opportunities on building for impact.
  • Receive assistance to build solutions for impact and publish your solution or service to Microsoft AppSource and/or Azure Marketplace.
  • Nominate your solution or service to be featured with added go-to-market benefits.


To participate, be sure that:

  • Your organization is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with a valid MPN ID. If you haven’t already joined the Microsoft Partner Network, get started here.
  • You are developing or have developed a solution or service that supports at least one of the #BuildFor2030 themes.

To nominate for a feature opportunity, be sure to:


Please note that we are currently accepting nominations on a rolling basis for upcoming feature opportunities.


More on building for impact:


JOIN HERE: Join us to BuildFor2030 (microsoft.com)