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Join IAMCP - the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners


blog-IAMCP-logo.jpgDear Partners, 


It is our pleasure to introduce to you the IAMCP - International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners, and to encourage you to join.


As a Microsoft partner, all members have similar and even the same challenges in their day-to-day business. The aim of IAMCP Switzerland is to promote exchange among its members. For this purpose, we offer various vessels and platforms where you can get to know each other and exchange ideas. 


  • What is IAMCP?


IAMCP is a professional association of Microsoft partners dedicated to helping companies and individuals in the "Microsoft ecosystem” to broaden their base of business opportunities through partnering with other IAMCP members – both within their own communities and around the world. The association is organised in chapters across three main regions: Americas, APAC, EMEA.


  • Why join IAMCP?


Great partnerships are hard to develop and need a high level of trust and opportunities to meet like-minded professionals who are aligned with your passions, goals, and dreams. With the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners, your chances for the “right partner match” grow significantly


  • How can I join?


It is simply – go on IAMCP global website and search for your region. It our case, here is the Swiss website: Home - IAMCP Switzerland. Then apply for membership




History of IAMCP


1994 – Foundation of IAMCP International


Since its inception in 1994, IAMCP has worked to bring together the best Microsoft partners to leverage their shared strengths for customers while strengthening ties with Microsoft.


2005 – Foundation of IAMCP Switzerland


Motivated by the success of IAMCP International, some well-known Swiss Microsoft partners founded the IAMCP Chapter Switzerland in 2005 with the same goals as IAMCP International. The majority of these founding partners or their successor organisations are still actively represented in the association today.

In cooperation with other IAMCP chapters, IAMCP EMEA and IAMCP International, IAMCP Switzerland offers a national, cross-country, Europe-wide and worldwide cooperation platform and initiatives as well as support in cooperation with Microsoft from the local country organization to Microsoft Corp.

The association is independent of Microsoft in its work. However, he works in partnership with Microsoft Switzerland and Microsoft Corporation to achieve the association's goals. The purpose of the association is not aimed at an economic activity or the achievement of profit.


2020 – IAMCP Next and 15th Anniversary



IAMCP Switzerland celebrated its 15th anniversary in September 2020. More than 80 partners are currently united in the chapter. To this end, the Chapter has also launched the IAMCP Next initiative. Inspired by IAMCP Germany and modern network ideas, their changing business models and also the requirements of the partners, the initiative aims to achieve closer cooperation with Microsoft, a simplified flow of know-how from Microsoft to IAMCP and its partners and improved support for smaller Microsoft partners in their journey.