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Introducing the Microsoft Climate Research Initiative




Addressing and mitigating the effects of climate change requires a collective effort, bringing our strengths to bear across industry, government, academia, and civil society. As we continue to explore the role of technology to advance the art of the possible, we are launching the Microsoft Climate Research Initiative (MCRI). This community of multi-disciplinary researchers is working together to accelerate cutting-edge research and transformative innovation in climate science and technology.


MCRI enables us to bring Microsoft’s research skills and compute capacities to deep and continuous collaboration with domain experts. For the kickoff of this initiative, we are focusing on three critical areas in climate research where computational advances can drive key scientific transformations: Overcoming constraints to decarbonization, reducing uncertainties in carbon accounting, and assessing climate risks in more detail.


Through these collaborative research projects, we hope to develop and sustain a highly engaged research ecosystem comprising a diversity of perspectives. Researchers will offer transdisciplinary and diverse expertise, particularly in areas beyond traditional computer science, such as environmental science, chemistry, and a variety of engineering disciplines. All results of this initiative are expected to be made public and freely available to spark even broader research and progress on these important climate issues. 


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