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All you need to know as a Microsoft partner (FY22 edition)

*This is a hand-picked overview of the most relevant information for unmanaged Microsoft Partner and Startup/ISVs who empower Swiss SMBs to achieve more*


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Table of contents

Deal Support
– Webinar (ENG, GER)


All MS Clouds

·       Solution Assessments

·       Microsoft Virtual Multi-Customer Executive Briefings

·       Fast Track


·       AVD Promo

Biz Apps

·       BizApps Partner Offers

Modern Work

·       SMB Upsell Guides (MW)

·       Customer Digital Experiences

·       Value Calculator



Go to Market

– Webinar (ENG,, GER)


All MS Clouds

·       Marketing updates on Partner Zone 

·       Webinar-in-a-Box

·       Customer Reference Case

·       Tele Sales

·       GTM Toolbox

·       Cloud Ascent









– Webinar (ENG, GER)


Swiss Events

·       Partner Exchange (English, German)

·       Partner Townhall


·       Get Licensing Ready

·       Licensing News


·       Microsoft Virtual Training Days

·       Partner Trainings (French, German)

·       Technical Presales and Deployment Services


·       Lemon Operations – Mood

·       4Plays – Cloud Strategy Assessment

·       Cloud Enablement Desk (French, German)





  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP): Program helps you to be more involved in your customers' businesses, beyond reselling licenses
    • Indirect: Work with Distis (indirect providers) who provide the tools and resources to help you manage your customer relationship. You can purchase from a Disti who furthermore collaborates with you for customer support and billing.
    • Direct: Purchase Microsoft products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft. Find requirements here.


  • QMTH: authorizes qualified third-party hosting service of Windows virtual machines via Microsoft Cloud Agreement or Microsoft Volume Licensing on multitenant hardware. The program also authorizes to host Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365 in shared computer activation (SCA) mode.

  • IAMCP: Is the international association of Microsoft Channel Partners. The platform that connects you with other Microsoft partners and provides you with insights to the Swiss IT market.





Get Help


  • Support ticket: For all programs
  • Technical support: Troubleshooting for a specific problem, error message or functionality that isn’t working as expected.
  • IT Pro forum: Ask questions and get answers and advice from the IT Pro community.

Switzerland Specific




Licensing Webinars and Resources

  • Licensing webinar library: upcoming events & recent recordings. Most up-to-date content related to CSP, as well as the latest updates in Microsoft licensing.
  • Get Licensing ready: complete and up to date resource for anyone who needs to learn about Microsoft licensing.
  • Licensing News: All licensing updates can be found on this website


Technical Trainings


  • Partner Training Calendar| Link in German | Link in French: learning platform for partners to prepare for the Microsoft Certifications. 1:many trainings, virtual instructor lead, hands-on labs and practice test trainings.
  • MS Learn: learning platform open to anyone, self-service and self-paced. Contents are live and recorded.
  • Technical Presales and Deployment Services (TPD): Remote, personalized, one-to-one consultations to build technical skills, deploy more effectively and accelerate app development. Microsoft Gold and Silver Partners receive unlimited presales assistance.
  • Virtual Training days: free, in-depth trainings to match every skill level. Format is 1:many, virtual live events.


Business Trainings


  • Cloud Enablement Desk (CED): For unmanaged Partners only. Services: lead share activation, competency attainments, benefits, on-boarding commercial marketplace, on-boarding co-sell.
  • 4Plays Digital: 1:few business workshops and coaching on how to become a managed service provider. Workshops can be founded with co-op earnings. For more information contact Robert Egli or Marta Saracino.
  • Lemon Operations: 1:few training and 1:1 coaching on how to build MSP offerings and put them at scale into the market. For more information contact Robert Egli or Marta Saracino.


Other Business and Technical Readiness Resources


Summary Swiss Partner Readiness : All you need to know to skill your organization on Microsoft technologies

  • Certification overview
  • How to Link employee certification ID to organizations MPN account





  • Azure toolbox: Structured overview of gives & gets for sponsorships, GTM help, events and partner enablement


Unmanaged Partner


Deal Support


Tech Companies aka ISVs + Startups


Get Started

  • Microsoft ASK: Book a 15 minute brainstorming session with the Swiss team
  • Founders Hub: Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub remove traditional barriers to building a company with free access to the technology, coaching, and credits.
  • SaaS Academy: Best practices, guidance, and narratives that help shape the business, people and technology for accelerating the ISVs revenue.

Build & Launch


Business Applications



  • Dynamics 365 Roadmap: Find all updates surrounding our Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications


Deal Support

  • FastTrack​: Advisor to help plan for, deploy, and migrate organizations to Dynamics 365 at no additional cost
  • BizApps Partner Offers: Pre-Sales Offers for Biz Apps Partners
  • ECIF: End Customer Incentive Fund (ECIF) to support pre-sale and post-sale activities with approved partners if partners and/or opportunities do not qualify for the Biz Apps Partner Offers.



Modern Work




  • Microsoft 365 documentations: All information linked with learning modules and related topics
  • M365 self-learning: Virtual learning paths for your desired skill
  • Cloud Champion: Free online training programs​
  • Microsoft Certifications​: On-Demand content, virtual instructor led trainings, exam practice classes and partner office hours
  • Cloud Enablement Desk: Personal assistance to make more out of your relationship with Microsoft in German, French or English for up to 9 months.

Unmanaged Partner

Deal Support

  • Microsoft 365 Launchpad: Basic customer assessment and match to MSFT product, offer creation and costing for Teams and Security, customizable sales resources for offer
  • Value Calculator: ROI calculation that can be achieved by adopting across Modern Work, Security, Surface and more, based on third-party Forrester TEI studies
  • Commercial Consulting Tool: Customer scenarios and customer friendly recommendations, increase of sales and customer success
  • Customer Digital Experiences​: Demos and Customer Immersion Experiences and Labs.
  • SMB Upsell Guides (MW)​: One page Upsell Guide for SMB scenarios, Feature comparison and differentiation between product versions, easy value proposition, and resources
  • FastTrack​: Advisor to help plan for, deploy, and migrate organizations to Microsoft 365 at no additional cost
  • Microsoft Solution Assessment-as-a-Service: Get a free analysis by Microsoft of SMB customer on-prem estate (Workplace Modernization, Cybersecurity)
  • Cloud Accelerator Workshops: set of pre-made workshops that enable partners to accelerate the customer journey, including a rapid deployment program to address your customers’ current needs for business continuity.
  • Microsoft Secure Score: measurement of an organization’s security posture and for improvement recommendations
  • ECIF: see general Deal Support

Go to market

  • Microsoft 365 for Partners: Marketing materials and campaigns, trainings, videos, can be customized with Partner offer and logo
  • Secure Remote Work: Support for customers with increased need for remote work scenarios
  • Your new CSO Partner Kit​: Kit to explain M365 Business Premium security to SMBs in a fun, engaging way
  • Qorus: Latest content integrated into Outlook to make easy proposals
  • Cloud Ascent​: Access to customer insights and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


  • Licensing for SMBs​: Comparison of licensing options for SMBs, with a special emphasis on Microsoft 365 Business Premium