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The age of data privacy regulation

Regulators are increasingly looking for companies to show they can handle data responsibly and securely.  Data privacy and security is crucial and requires compliance with regulations for the protection of information. Organizations need to be transparent and have control over their data to be trustworthy. The entire C-suite and board of directors are responsible for data protection due to the risks of data breaches and non-compliance with regulations.


With the increasing volume of business data, importance of data for strategic advantage, expanding threat landscape, and growing use of remote and mobile devices, organizations must ensure data security and privacy. The challenge is to have visibility and control over data, especially with the high-risk endpoint devices. Few tools exist that monitor and manage cyber risk on a unified basis, but organizations need technology to provide real-time visibility and control, risk scoring and comparisons, and the ability to reduce the attack surface. To be compliant and enhance data security, organizations must gain greater visibility, evaluate security solutions, and compare risk metrics with peers.


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