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Tech as a force for good - GPS Lead Morten Thomsen shares his thoughts on the Partner Pledge

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On March 3rd we held our first Partner Pledge Summit here in Denmark with the purpose to gather the community of the 46 partners (current number) who have signed the Partner Pledge, and initiate the dialogue on how we - in collaboration - can take part in, and actively work with the five pillars that the Partner Pledge entails: Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Diversity & Inclusion, Digital Skills, Responsible & Ethical AI. 


But why a Partner Pledge to start with? Morten Thomsen, Global Partner Solutions Lead, Microsoft Denmark & Iceland shares his perspective on this:


When I joined Microsoft back in November 2021 one of the first things that was presented for me, was the Partner Pledge and the ambitions that Microsoft had with this initiative, and since then it has grown on me. I think it’s a matter of the direct link to our overall ambition to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. Which was one of the very reasons why I joined Microsoft; to be part of an organization that can drive an impact and a transformation on a societal level.


There are especially 3 things that makes me even more keen to have a success with the Partner Pledge together with our Partner ecosystem:  


  • First of all, I fell there is a dire need of accelerating the dialogues related to the different pillars and to make positive changes in the light of the recent events in the world; with the pandemic and the war in Europe, one could think that in some ways history is in reverse. It feels like we are brought 75 years back in time, instead of going forward! I read in the news some time ago, that the IT business in Denmark now consists of more than 100.000 employees – that’s a large muscle to make an impact with. Today we are almost 50 partners within the IT business who has decided to join the community around the Partner Pledge, and I want us to make an impact – and see how we can drive positive change forward together.

  • Another thing I’ve noticed during my career as a People Manager is that the one common thing across the organizations, I have been a part of is the importance of having a sense of purpose as an employee. And throughout all the development talks I have had, the need for a purpose has been more and more explicit. Hopefully, the work we will do around the Partner Pledge can add to that sense of purpose and use tech as a force for good, in terms of both developing, retaining, and attracting talent at each of your organizations.

  • And finally, but also important; it makes business sense. More and more customers are setting requirements for doing business with us. Requirements to - not only drive an agenda, but also to make meaningful, accessible, inclusive, and sustainable solutions, which I think the focus areas of the pillars in the Partner Pledge embraces. And it is certainly an area where we experience a growing demand for new offerings and the creation of new revenue streams and opportunities. 


It is my firm belief that by sharing and being innovative together every one of us will accelerate our business and organization within these five areas, compared to if we just did it by ourselves.


I’m amazed about the significant number of partners that have signed up for the pledge up until now. Thank you all for that! 



See all the partners who already joined this community and read more about the Pledge here: Partner Pledge (microsoft.com)