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Partner Pledge Summit October 6th

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The aim for the Partner Pledge community is to open up for dialogue on how we, through collaboration and joint efforts, can take part in solving and actively working with the societal challenges we are facing. Therefore, we intend to inspire and share knowledge and ideas on how to work with the five pillars going forward. Read more about the Partner Pledge and the five pillars.


The next Partner Pledge Summit on October 6, 2022 

We are happy to share that we have planned the next Partner Pledge Summit for October 6th.* We have a great line up of speakers who will share their perspectives on relevant topics. 



13.00-13.15: Welcome and where we are

13.15-13.40: Presentation from Cybersecurity pillar - Cyberthreat landscape in Denmark by PwC

13.40-14.05: Presentation from the Digital Skilling pillar - Digital Skilling in Denmark: The temperature on competencies, methods, challenges, and possibilities by Digital Dogme

14.05-14.15: Break

14.15-14.40: Presentation from D&I pillar – Moving the needle on the D&I agenda by Dansk Erhverv

14.40-15.05: Presentation from Responsible & Ethical AI pillar – Why you should start building a responsible AI framework by Venzo

15.05-15.30: Presentation from Sustainability pillar - Update on Cloud for Sustainability & advice for companies by the Footprint firm

15.30-15.45: Round-off

15.45-16.30: Networking

*Please note that to read the gated content and sign up for the events your partner organization have to sign the Partner Pledge. Read more: Partner Pledge (microsoft.com) Once we received a signed pledge you will be invited to join the closed group hub here on the Partner Zone, where you’ll have access to registration links and more info.