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NEWS! Microsoft Partner Pledge

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At Microsoft, we are passionate about the role of powerful, transformative technology and the benefits it represents for our partners, shared customers, and society as a whole.


We believe the nations that will prosper are the ones who adopt technologies in a deep and ethical way and ensure everyone possesses the right skills and opportunity to make the most of what lies ahead.

At Microsoft Denmark we recently announced the Partner Pledge. And if you work for one of the many Denmark or Iceland based Microsoft partner organisations, you are likely to share our technology vision and commitment to customers. As well as our belief in the role technology can play in addressing broader societal challenges.

That's why Microsoft has created the Partner Pledge which focuses on the following five critical goals in Denmark, Iceland and beyond:


  • Digital skills
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Responsible & Ethical Ai
  • Cyber Security.


Read the full press release here 


Read more about the five pillars and sign the Pledge here  


Watch short video about the Pledge here